Gears Utility iOS
Gears Utility is the best Gears of War app for your Apple device, why waste time with Safari?
The Content Initiative
Gears of War assets for content creators all in one place and ready to be downloaded!
Gears Utility Android
Gears Utility is the best Gears of War app for your Android device, why waste time with Chrome?

What GearHeads Are Saying:

"This app is a wonderful companion for any Gears fan. It tracks your stats all the way back to the original Gears of War and can help to find YouTube channels and more. if you are a Gears of War fan this app is for you. Download it already."
Jon Petfield
"Great for checking your gears stats, which I've started to do more now! Great at letting you know when esports skins are available and everything else. Great, useful app ?"
"This honestly is the best app I have. It notifies me every time I can claim something on the live.gearsofwar.con website. It tells me what’s in the store, all the featured modes, when the esports event starts, news, forums, and my stats. This app is so great and the creator(s) are doing a great job! Keep up the work."
Stick Dastardly
"This is a great app! I used to have to keep bookmarks on my homescreen for rewards, stats, card companion, etc but not anymore! It also keeps you signed in instead of having to enter your information every time you visit!"


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Esports Notifications
From skins, to points, to people following esports with eagle eyes.
We notify you when esports is LIVE!
You can even watch it IN the app!
Latest Events & Challenges
If there's a new map, event or in game challenge (global), we'll notify you of that! We even have a MOTD!
Store Notifications & Updates
New store items may have stopped, but if there's anything new, you'll be one of the first to know! We'll have it live in the app and you can view all the latest news!

Over 3 Years of Updates

For the past 3 YEARS we've been hard at work to build Gears Utility to be a one size fits all kinda thing and honestly? We're doing pretty good! 
We've even got the app to iOS users, which was a MASSIVE undertaking due to how Apple handles their app store. (Long story short, you need a Mac and $99 a year to have an app there).
We've updated the UI to be as fresh as possible and even added support for Español! Not to mention the server improvements we've made on the back end to increase speed and stability for all users!

We've also grown to a point where we can do giveaways for all our users on Twitter and it's so great to see everyone integrating together and having a blast! It's what community is all about and we're so glad to be apart of that!

Long story short, feel free to download Gears Utility or use any of the tools we release! Oh and if you're in need of a profile picture, we have a page for that, you should check it out!

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