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E-Day & Things You May Have Missed

Newspaper headline reads "War is Over.
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Welcome Gears! Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Today we’re going to be getting down to the nitty gritty and take a look at some things you may have missed within the Gears of War: E-Day trailer and things outside of the trailer that you may have missed! Let’s get stuck right in!

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We’ve seen a question thrown around over and over, “Is this a reboot? Where’s Gears of War 6?” – But this has actually been answered! Take a look:

“We’re super proud about Gears 4 and Gears 5 and the stories that were told. We’re not retreating from that storyline in any way. But in [this] moment, we had an opportunity to write our next step, and this one just felt too good to miss.”    

Nicole Fawcette – Brand Director – Source

It’s Image Time

When watching the trailer you might notice the news paper 00:06 seconds in that has the headline: UIR SURRENDERS. WAR IS OVER. You can also see what look to be learning blocks. Now, this could be a completely random home that Marcus and this Locust are playing real life Mortal Kombat in, orrrrr it could be where Dom lives with Maria and their two children Sylvia and Benedicto! If you think about it, the events of Gears of War 1 were 14 years after E-Day and Gears of War: E-Day is set 14 years before Gears of War 1… There’s a chance that they’ve not met their unfortunate fate as of yet and we’ll, possibly, have to play through Dom and Maria losing their two children… But that’s just a theory…

Newspaper headline reads "War is Over.
Dim room with scattered objects on the floor.

At 00:17 you get a really clear image of the reimagined Locust Drone before the big fight where his face gets all cut up! There’s a few things to notice here. First thing is that there’s cloth covering their hand, but not only that, but their hand seems almost… Human? More so than other iterations anyway. This particular Drone also seems to have leather gauntlets that you can see better in the second image. Over all, the reimagining of this particular seems a little more human and it’s absolutely brutal.

Alien creature attacking in dark, grim scene of video game
Creature attacking a person in a dark room.

This shot is really good, if you look closely at Marcus’ armour, you’ll actually see tubing running through it! Could we finally get a real explanation as to how Gears don’t melt to death in their super heavy and confined armour? Maybe!

Armoured character resting against speaker.

Thrashball Cole on the table.

Hand reaching for a miniature American football player.

Here’s an even better look at the reimagined Locust Drone stood up.

Massive, illuminated monster standing in dimly lit room.

COG Gear action figure on the table. It also looks like there might be a gold plated skin on the Retro?

Hand reaching for toys on table near a safe.

Seems E-Day may be set within the Kalona District.

Emergency message displayed on vintage screen in dark room.

While the Locust Drone is munching on some hearty television, you get a little look at the back of Marcus’ armour which seems to include more pipes. The attention to detail is so great!

Person in futuristic armour in dimly-lit room.

They don’t show up for long, but you get a full look at Marcus’ COG Tags.

Close-up of metal cog-shaped pendant necklace

When the Locust Drone attempts to cut Marcus, the glare of the blade seems to go where Marcus will obtain his large iconic scar.

Close-up of concerned man in a helmet.

A really subtle thing where if you blink you miss it, is the Retro Lancer’s bayonetted being removed! In the two images below, you’ll see it in it’s locked state vs it’s unlocked state and in the video you see it get removed in one swift motion just before Marcus… ‘Stops’ the Drone.

Close-up of a hand operating a rustic weapon
Close-up of a person holding a mechanical weapon.

And we end overlooking the Kalona District. If you look to the right, the dome building looks a little… Familiar, don’t you think?

Post-apocalyptic cityscape with two armoured soldiers in rubble.
Apocalyptic cityscape with beams of light in dark sky.

Well there we are, a full break down of the Gears of War: E-Day trailer with things you may have missed! If we notice anything new, we’ll be sure to update the post and if you have anything we missed, pop it in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

Until next time, Gear!

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