Gears of War Comes To Fortnite and Here's How To Unlock Em'!

Gears Utility
December 9, 2021

A sight for sore eyes! Legendary hero of the Pendulum and Locust Wars, Marcus Fenix enters a new battle, bringing with him Outsider-turned-Soldier Kait Diaz. Both are dropping on the Fortnite Island as the latest members of the Gaming Legends Series — as well as more items from the Delta-One Set.


Available in the Item Shop starting December 9 at 7 PM ET, you’ll be able to pick up the following Delta-One Set items:


  • Marcus Fenix - Once retired from the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army, but brought back into the fight by his son.
  • Kait Diaz (includes Winter Orange Style) - Once against the Coalition of Ordered Governments, but now in the COG Army. 

Fortnite Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz Outfits

When you play a match on Xbox Series X|S after purchasing the Marcus Fenix Outfit, you’ll unlock the Outfit’s Matte Black Style  — a memento of his Xbox history.

Fortnite Marcus Fenix Matte Black Style


  • Sonic Resonator Back Bling (sold with the Marcus Fenix Outfit) - Created by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to map the underground tunnels of Sera.
  • Reyna's Pendant Back Bling (sold with the Kait Diaz Outfit) - Family heirloom with mysterious origins.
  • Breaker Mace Pickaxe - Locust Shell fragments affixed to a motorized rotating rod.
  • Thumper Pickaxe - Previously used to call Seeders to the surface.
  • Butcher Cleaver Pickaxe - Originally made for cutting Rockworm meat and also cutting down the COG.
  • Skiff Glider - Take in the elements with this fast, wind-powered, land vehicle (turned Glider).
Fortnite Delta-One Set Accessories


For those with extreme confidence, show off your edged weapon skills with the Knife Tricks Emote:


Players have the option to purchase the Marcus Fenix Outfit (+ Sonic Resonator Back Bling) and Kait Diaz Outfit (+ Reyna's Pendant Back Bling) individually or as part of the Kait & Marcus Bundle. This bundle additionally includes the Emergence Hole Spray:

Fortnite Emergence Hole Spray

Speaking of bundles, players have the option to purchase the Pickaxes, Glider, and Emote individually or as part of the Emergence Gear Bundle.


A COG to action: special Quests! From December 9 at 9 AM ET to December 17 at 9 AM ET, complete the following Delta-One Quests to unlock the Crimson Omen Spray:

  • Collect Three COG Tags
  • Crouch Behind Barrier
  • Damage Opponent with Melee Attack
  • Do Shotgun Damage to an Opponent
  • Collect Thrashball Memorabilia

You’ll be able to find these Quests in the “Quests” page, accessible from the Lobby and during a match.

Fortnite Crimson Omen Spray

Delta-One’s next battle awaits. Join the fight as Marcus and Kait!

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