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Share your ideas for Gears of War: E-Day! Whether it’s about the campaign, multiplayer or in-game mechanics, let your ideas be heard by the community and the world!

Gears of War E-Day Idea Wishlist - LIVE

The Community Wishlist

The Baba Jaga

  • Gameplay Mechanics and Features
Good movement, the best game modes (KOTH) but most importantly fix the multiplayer lag/connection. In Gears 5 some games you get everyone with one shot and most games those hits do around 7% damage. This is what annoys people the most.

Maybe a possibility to host public games like back in the first Gears Of War.


  • Multiplayer and Co-op
I want to see all the OG characters


  • Multiplayer and Co-op
I really hope they stick with the good old couch co-op mode! Played every Gears game so far with my SO, hopefully we get to play this one as well!

zero monkey2005

  • Multiplayer and Co-op
I'd love to see beast mode make a comeback in Gears E-day.


  • Story and Lore
Maybe Dom has a brother…

WD Hawkeye

  • Gameplay Mechanics and Features
Since E-Day is all about Emergence Day, I'd like to see TC implement Emergence holes into Horde to some capacity. Perhaps a timer that tells you how many waves until an E-Hole appears under your base. Forcing you to move around instead of hunkering down in one spot.


  • Story and Lore
I'd love to see the Ragers back!