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Gears Support Ticket FAQ is a catch-all for feedback, bugs, missing skins, etc. of the entire Gears Series. Due to that, we do have best practices for submitting your bug ticket to get it looked at. First, pay attention to updates – find them at, and Your bug may be an already known issue, or there could be an article in the knowledge base on how to fix it.

If you have checked and are sure it’s a new/unknown issue, please try to answer as many of the following questions as possible: 
– What platform are you playing on? If PC, what store are you playing on/launching from?
– Confirm your Gamertag. 
– What were you doing leading up to the issue? Be as descriptive as you can – what map you were playing, weapon you were using, game mode, character, etc.
– Have you been able to reproduce it yourself? If so, with what steps?
– If you play on the PC, please provide your hardware specs, OS, and GPU driver version.
– Include screenshots/pictures/video whenever possible. If you cannot attach them, Google Drive links or private YouTube video links are acceptable.
– Attach a DX Diag and/or Crash Log if PC related. 

Support may not necessarily respond to every ticket received unless they need clarifying or follow up information. If you are not seeing any movement on your ticket for a long period of time, keep in mind that **We do not respond to every ticket unless it is necessary**. 

If you reach out on any of our other platforms without first putting in a ticket, you will be told to put in a ticket.

Something not in our FAQ?

Feel free to open a support ticket with The Coalition.

General FAQ

This is a general FAQ about Gears of War Support. Information provided above was from an official Gears of War rep under the alias TC Sera.

Unless they need clarifying or follow up information, Customer Service agents will not respond to a ticket.

Depending on the severity of the issue will depend on the speed that it can be fixed, and because a lot of that happens ‘under the hood’, we cannot comment directly on them. See above.

The latest Patch Notes can be found HERE. Enjoy.

Welcome to the group. We meet every Thursday at 3pm PST/PDT.

We do not usually do this without a very good reason, and if the reason is good enough, don’t expect a fast turnaround on such, because likely it was a significant issue that cannot be dealt with until it is fully repaired.