RE-UP CHANGES New Gears 5 RE-UP awards.
Re-up 0 (1st BloodSpray) Desert camo Lancer, Gnasher and Snub & 1st Bloodspray
Re-up 1 Desert camo Talon Desert camo Hammerburst, Boltok and Claw
Re-up 2 Desert camo Enforcer Desert camo Overkill, Enforcer & EMBAR
Re-up 3 Desert camo Retro Lancer Desert camo Retro Lancer, Longshot and Markza
Re-up 4 Desert camo Snub Desert camo Torque Bow, Breaker Mace and Boomshot
Re-up 5 Desert camo Markza Desert camo Talon, Lancer GL and Dropshot
Re-up 6 Desert camo Dropshot GET SOME! Lancer, Gnasher and Snub
Re-up 7 Desert camo Overkill GET SOME! Hammerburst, Boltok and Claw
Re-up 8 Desert camo Lancer GET SOME! Overkill, Enforcer & EMBAR
Re-up 9 Desert camo EMBAR GET SOME! Retro Lancer, Longshot and Markza
Re-up 10 Desert camo LancerGL GET SOME! Torque Bow, Breaker Mace and Boomshot
Re-up 11 Desert camo Breaker Mace GET SOME! Talon, Lancer GL and Dropshot
Re-up 12 Desert camo Boomshot Team ICE Snub
Re-up 13 Desert camo Longshot Team ICE Breaker Mace
Re-up 14 Desert camo Hammerburst Team ICE Markza
Re-up 15 Desert camo Boltok Team ICE Hammerburst
Re-up 16 Desert camo Torque Bow Team ICE Overkill
Re-up 17 Desert camo Claw Team ICE Boomshot
Re-up 18 Art Deco Retro Lancer Team ICE Torque Bow
Re-up 19 Desert camo Gnasher Team ICE EMBAR
Re-up 20 GET SOME! Talon Heroic Marcus
Re-up 21 GET SOME! Hammerburst Team ICE Claw
Re-up 22 GET SOME! Enforcer Team ICE Talon
Re-up 23 GET SOME! Retro Lancer Team ICE Boltok
Re-up 24 GET SOME! Snub Team ICE Longshot
Re-up 25 GET SOME! Markza Team ICE Gnasher
Re-up 26 GET SOME! Dropshot Team ICE Lancer GL
Re-up 27 GET SOME! Overkill Team ICE Retro Lancer
Re-up 28 GET SOME! EMBAR Team ICE Dropshot
Re-up 29 GET SOME! BOOMSHOT Team ICE Enforcer
Re-up 30 GET SOME! Lancer Team ICE Lancer
Re-up 31 GET SOME! Breaker Mace Heroic Ascendant Enforcer
Re-up 32 GET SOME! Longshot Heroic Ascendant Breaker Mace
Re-up 33 GET SOME! LancerGL Heroic Ascendant Markza
Re-up 34 GET SOME! Boltok Heroic Ascendant Dropshot
Re-up 35 GET SOME! Torque Bow Heroic Ascendant Overkill
Re-up 36 GET SOME! Claw Heroic Ascendant Boomshot
Re-up 37 GET SOME! Gnasher Heroic Ascendant Claw
Re-up 38 Team ICE Enforcer Heroic Ascendant Talon
Re-up 39 Team ICE Breaker Mace Heroic Ascendant Boltok
Re-up 40 Team ICE Markza Heroic Ascendant Gnasher
Re-up 41 Team ICE Dropshot Heroic Ascendant Longshot
Re-up 42 Team ICE Overkill Heroic Ascendant EMBAR
Re-up 43 Team ICE Boomshot Heroic Ascendant Lancer GL
Re-up 44 Team ICE Torque Bow Heroic Ascendant Retro Lancer
Re-up 45 Team ICE Claw Heroic Ascendant Hammerburst
Re-up 46 Team ICE Talon & Boltok Heroic Ascendant Scorcher
Re-up 47 Team ICE Longshot & EMBAR Heroic Ascendant Torque Bow
Re-up 48 Team ICE Lancer GL, Hammerburst & Retro Lancer Heroic Ascendant Lancer & Snub
Re-up 49 Team ICE Lancer, Gnasher & Snub Heroic Kantus
Stay Awesome, Gear Head <3
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